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October 19, 2012
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The task was done…

The creature that was lurking in the sewers of Marehime was no more. I was on the way *home* constantly trying to avoid the main street; even if I knew that nopony would be outside during that late time. The stain of the sewers followed me like it would be a fellow companion, while I was walking through the alleys that did not smell any better. Pain spread all over my body, paying the tribute of the flask I have used before the fight.

My sight started to get worse but gladly my *home* was not far away. With the remaining power that was still in my weaken body I entered the wealthy building that was outstanding others that were surrounding it. As expected the servants were already asleep, what was a good thing because I would not like them to smell that odor. Slowly it started to become a very annoying burden for my sensitive senses. My own steps sounded surprisingly loud on the wooden floor while I moved towards the public bath, which was in the lower section of this building. The door was locked with a solid padlock. I cursed silently and sigh:

'' She will kick me out through the window…''

The way up to the second floor was never easy after a fight with a Moloch, especially if that darn thing injured your shoulder. Once I left the last step behind me I moaned and lean against the wall for a moment. My destination was at the other side of the corridor that leaded to the only door that was on its very end. I did not remember that it was so long last time I was here! My groans filled the air even if they were not really loud, followed by me fellow sound of my hooves and the odor of the sewers. Once more I leaned against the wall breathing heavily.

Only few more steps and I finally made it. The door was not locked but I knew that a small magic field was surrounding it. I touched the solid door with my horn on three different spots then I entered the apartment. The door behind me closed on its own, and once I heard the clack of the lock I've let out a relaxed sigh. I turned around and watch the creamy blue silhouette that was brushing her long hair that had the color of the night sky. Its glittering always made me think that starts have been inbound into her lovely hair. She continued to brush her hair while she was looking at my reflection in the mirror, but at one point I thought she was only focused at herself. I was about to move on but her crystal clear voice made me motionless:

'' Oh by the Elements you stink…''

I looked back at her and was about to say something but she interrupted me.

'' Don't come closer! Go take a bath''

'' The public bath is closed already'' I answered with a weak voice, trying to smile at her but it failed badly. Luna's horn started to shine with a slight blue aura, a phial that was filled with a yellow liquid levitated through the air and stopped near my head. I grabbed it with my magic and looked at her a bit confused.

'' I expected that. I prepared the bath tub for you in the next room'' While she was talking she did not bother to turn around to me, nor she looked at my reflection. She simply focused on her work; a thing I was already used to. I moved on to the nearby door that leaded into her private bath room, that she rarely shared with me. After thinking twice and smelling the odor, which lasted on me like a parasite, it was not a big surprise.

'' Use the entire phial Corvus.'' Was the last thing I heard from her. Mumbling something under my nose I closed the door behind me. With the kind help of magic I started to put off the worn out leather rags, once they fell on the ground with a loud splash I moved towards the tub groaning all the time. The effort to enter it was enormous because my muscles were all unnaturally tense, another unpleasant side effect of the flask, mixed up with my injury on the right shoulder. Eventually I finally made it.

I remained in the bath for quite a while. The content of the phial somehow killed the stain and freed me of it for good. Once I was ready I went back to the room I was sharing with her. The time she needed for her hair brushing was sometimes outrageous, but the result was always breathtaking. Right now the scent of her perfume filled the air, the smell of moon lilies that was her favorite one as it was mine too. The final check was at hand while she was looking at her appearance.

'' What did you find in the sewers?''

'' I have been told that it was a Ghoul that was lurking down there. But instead of that I found a Moloch''

Finally I caught her attention; she turned around and look at me with big concern.

'' And how did things turn out?''

'' The Moloch is no more.'' I suppressed a moan and looked into her turquoise eyes. '' I will demand a higher reward from the governor.''

'' Do you have any proof that it was a Moloch?''

'' Yeah… I took one of its eyes with me. Ghouls do not have eyes... everypony with a good education knows that.''

A smile appeared on her face, a smile that was worth dying for. She turned around and looked at her reflection with big satisfaction.

'' I told you that you would find some work to do while I will get bored with some senators '' While she was saying it I levitated new wood into the chimney, that have been shrouded by the fire nearly immediately. The dance of the fire was always an interesting thing for me, a thing that I could watch for hours.

'' You know... Artemis claims that each creature that dies out in the woods or swamps, is nearly always replaced by a new species. A species that adapts to the new environment that is brought forth by the pony folk.''

Once I heard the name Artemis my body become fully tense, a thing she always noticed even though she did not look at me directly. I turned away from the fire and looked at the pony that meant everything to me. Her turquoise eyes were penetrating me as usual after she saw my *state* as she called it herself.

'' What's wrong? Artemis is right you can't deny it''

Finally I found my balance and my tense posture was gone.

'' The thing that Artemis has found out in his dusted tower is nothing new to me, nor my kind'' While I was speaking those words I was on the way to our bed. I lied down on it and searched for a comfortable position.

'' Why do you always pick on him? Artemis is studying the reality, constantly doing extensively experiments. His knowledge might not be something new to you, but not everypony knows as much you Corvus. You are simply different''

Her last comment was like a hit into the face. I knew that I was different than the ponies or alicorns; damn I was even different than my own kind… I would never get used to things like that. A terrible pain went out of my belly. I moaned through my closed teeth and pushed my head against the pillow. Luna gasped and went over to the bed, a thing I did not notice due the pain that was boiling in me, until I felt how she touched my cheek with her nose. A gentle act of care which relaxed and helped me to endure the pain. Once I looked into her turquoise eyes the pain was barely noticeable.

'' You really should stop to drink your flasks. They are slowly killing you''

'' They are necessary Luna. Otherwise even the smallest scratch would be mortal.''

'' Allow me I will check if everything is alright''

I nod and with her help I sat on the bed. Once more her horn started to glow with its slight blue shine. Luna was touching the edges of my body with it, sending energy into my weaken organism. It was like a cold shower. I shivered but sigh relived once the spell started to work. After she saw the wound on my shoulder, that I was desperately trying to hide from her. The princess hit my ribs stronger than a ordinary stallion could do.

'' Why didn't you tell me that you have been injured?''

'' It is only a flesh wound.''

'' Moron… I think you have a ripped muscle.''

'' Healing magic has its own tribute. I… I don't want you to endure my pain. Besides that you need your energy to lower the moon...''

I felt her breath on my skin; she hugged me and lean her head against my back.

'' We both know that I have enough energy for your treatment and for my task. Besides that you do know that I am on Royal Business, Tia was kind enough to take the responsibility over the night while I am here. Please allow me to do it.''

I gave up right away because I knew how stubborn she could be. Once I said yes I prepared for my treatment. Her horn touched the wound directly and starts to send its energy into my body. We both groaned slightly, gladly that procedure was very short and right away the pain together with the wound has been removed. My body literally fell down on its own and with a big relief I welcomed the soft pillow and Luna that was lying behind me.

'' Please let's leave Marehime Luna. It is a bad city…''

She sighed and start to massage my tense shoulders.

'' I told you that it would take some time till we will be able to leave this city. Besides that I still have some business that I have to attend to.''

'' Business with Artemis.'' I regretted those words but in the same way I did not, because I knew that once something was between them. What she did not know was the old hostility between old friends, friends that were once close as brothers could be.

'' Artemis... I hate you brother...'' I thought and cursed my past.

'' Do you know the local story of the Frost Mare?''

'' Yeah I heard about it… apparently she appears together with a mighty blizzard or something like it.''

'' While she flies over the city she spreads tiny ice shards, that are very sharp. If a shard hit an eye or a heart of a stallion the poor soul will find no rest… he will leave everything behind him, following his dream, his love to his damnation.''

'' It is hope that makes him go on''

I heard her chuckle behind me, somehow though I felt the upcoming sadness in Luna's voice before she continued.

''This is a bad love… because his heart will turn into ice. It will become emotionless and very cruel.''

'' What about the Frost Mare?'' I turned around and once more I lost myself in her eyes. Gently I strok her cheek with my hoof. ''Does she enjoy it? Does she play with his feelings? Is she completely made out of ice?''

'' Maybe, maybe not.'' She noticed that my eyes were closing alone against my will, she smiled and kissed me.

'' Find some sleep Corvus you really need it''

She was about to kiss me again but I looked away from her even if it pained me to do so.
'' Luna… I do not know who I am'' I stopped for a moment and closed my eyes. '' I do not know what I should do...''

The Princess of the Night kissed me once more but this time I joined it. I fell into a dreamless sleep, knowing that she was at my side all the time. After two hours of sleeping I have been woke up roughly from the land of dreams.

'' Royal duty calls my dear *Ambassador*''

With a curse on the lips I left my lovely bed, that seemed to desperately call after me. 


So far I made 8 chapters. If you liked it here is the link to the second one:
Yeah I finally decided to post my fic on DA as well.
I am quite sure that my english is far away from being perfect xD Which is why I appologize if my grammar is not the best:

Hope you will like it.

Next chapter: [link]
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